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Chat with 13fireraven - Destiny Card Reading and Symbolon Card Reading in Switzerland instantly. 20-25 years of experience in Symbolon Card Reading. Welcome, **Allow me to bring truths where no one else can** *I am highly skilled in delivering messages that can give you clarity with truths that NEED to be to heard. Your time is precious so I am FAST in delivery. *I am direct with positive results with our time together. I am highly intuitive to your needs and pinpoint areas that require attention. I have over 25 years experience in this field. I am a natural born clairvoyant, which means I am able to see beyond the physical world. I understand the discipline and respect required when working with energy. * I am able to view areas where no other psychic can. For there are areas that are extremely sensitive and will not be revealed without permission of your creator that protects these sensitive hidden areas, this can gift great insight and deep healing s. After this your empowered self is ignited. **Twin Flame Empowerment** * This allows both you and your twin flame, which can take life times to sense, to be united. I am an expert in this field and treat this energy with pure intention and purpose. *I am am highly sort after with energy readings with the chakra light wheels. I can see all areas of your lifeline, through to past lives and future records. I can give you detailed messages of your aura where there is drainage, or dis order. Then can balance and clear any energy that is holding your destiny back. So that life flows easily. *I have had disciplined training in all areas of spiritual and cosmic worlds. I am a Spiritual Warrior , which runs through my veins. being Maori, Spanish, Viking and English. The energy and frequency in what I can share has been passed through these lines. I am authentic in the teaching of ancient times long forgotten. With the understanding of a future yet to be delivered and what is required to insure its arrival is protected. **This is a summary of the skills I offer** Twin flame healing, Clairvoyance on all levels, medical clairvoyant, ( can see the inner frame works of physical body), remote viewing, Interpret dream time, read auric field, expert in healing s with the crystal family, receive messages form differing realms whether it is of the faery , angelic or cosmic worlds. Can unravel curses and spells that are abusive. Do shamanic journeying and healing s with nature. Shape shifting with energy, can give oracle card readings if wanted ( you can choose card selection , pendulum divination, Mayan cosmology decoding, Spiritual development mentoring. accurate time frames . **Some Testimonials** Jess I was drawn to this lady for a reason...She was a miracle in the making for me and only she will understand this...I have had help in many ways but I knew it still was not right as I still felt the struggle...fireraven released me from a dark place and only she could do that...I can not explain this as I am very tired now from this amazing experience and rest I need...There are no words to explain what I have just gone through right now except she is beautiful, on point and told me everything and I said nothing...It brought me to tears and I know the tear sare of joy, peace and on the path to happiness...I do not want to know about who I am going to be with in the present or future or where I see my career as what my initial reading was suppose to be but lining my energies up is all I needed...Everything else will fall into place no matter what happens because reality is, that is how life works and whether it is good or bad it is our choice and no one else's...She is the WOW WOW WOW factor and no words can describe the amazing skills of this lady except trust yourself and you will see xxxxxxxx Thank you fireraven, you are truly truly what you say!!!! x Crystal I loved my reading. I learned SO much about myself. My aura. My future. I know I only came in for a reading about my current situation but she was able to read my energy and thoughts SO well. There are a TON of people here on this website. I know that people read the comments and reviews closely just to get more information on a particular person. I found that "He/She was wonderful', "Thank You So Much', or "I highly recommend' hardly do anything for me as they are not very detalied. I will let you know this. She has a natural gift. She took on a LOT of the energy that I never knew I was carrying. Of course I came to her about a relationship/closure. She immediately noticed that I was very emotional and needed to let some of this energy go. Both in the forefront and in the background of my mind. For months I had been struggling with a sense of emptiness/sadness but I could never pinpoint it. then Raven revealed to me that I was holding on to old energy from my past. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me! She is now one of my favorites. She didn't use cards (I'm not even sure if she has any). Regardless she is worth the read and worth the wait. Many blessings to you !!!!!!! I will be back soon! universe | 2014-10-29 02:12:59 verity WOW is all I can say. This lady is really amazing and gifted - I am so glad I came to her when I did as I am at rock bottom right now and she has helped me out, a LOT. If you are in a bad situation and lost, you need to see FireRaven, she will help you. 5 million stars for her, she is a gift from god. She is not on a lot, so look out for her, she is worth it. batdancer I find Raven to be something unique for sure....very deep and profound stuff no end..an endless source of fascination, to say the absolute least - Truly awesome & mesmerizing,ok thanks Raven (xena, :) ) and chat again soon.. :) **About me** My family lines on both mother and father has shaped who I am. I am grateful all I have received in this world, even the times I have fallen in pain, suffering and hardships, as they have gifted me opportunity to get up and experience life which has lead to wisdom and a thirst for life herself. Because I am grateful for every moment gifted. I am a simple person in what brings me joy in this life, which is nature herself whether its a flower or jumping in a puddle because I can. I am a passionate person in all I do and believe everyone has great purpose. I embrace being creative, have painted goddesses and native birds. Relish in good company, good food, and sweet music, with the beauty of dance. Through adversity I have become extremely psychic. I am an intuitive clairvoyant which allows me to view what hinders your situation. I am able to receive messages from direct source, this is done in truth and respect. I also do shamanic work, which is allowing another to experience there inner depths in soul, which is sacred. I have an affinity with crystals, I use them in healing s I do. I can interpret dreams and often do work at this time. I truly find this life I lead a blessing , I have an opportunity to serve. I am very much of nature and work with spirit in discipline, and give messages with faith and the beauty of your creators vision and power in love. I am not here to judge another s path only to deliver what is required. I am able to see beyond many veils, because I have nothing to hide and have no hidden agenda. I am very interested in the indigenous people where suffering is abound. I have witnessed many areas that need addressing. I have been on the political arm of Tainui, my tribe, being voted in by the people, which to me is being of service to the whole, this too has shaped me. Learning about the ancient ways, I met many people at this time who would give me insight to the cries of the people. At this time I was forced into oratory work ,believe me I was frightened to speak in front of an audience. However this changed greatly. I experienced the spiritual empowerment of my culture, worked on many projects for the up liftment of our people. This gave me the strength and knowing how important it is to be of service when in leadership roles. Many elders took me under there wing to gift me there wisdom and generosity in sharing their knowledge. I also had dreams where ancestors visited for guidance and learning in spiritual strengthening. The land has been a humbling teacher for me, when land is suffering many come to me for insight, I do not cleanse and clear her, but she gives me understanding what hinders her. I give this message to owners, once they know the issues at hand, all settles. I just love working with animals, they are energy that is pure. I am very sensitive to her requirements. I also do homes where entities can cause a havoc to members in this environment. I have a diversity in working with many different cultures, religions, and belief systems. I took the position of managing a Crystal Spiritual Center called Infinity, this time gave me great insight to many different modalities of healing and vision into areas that required nourishment. I created opportunity for healers and readers to promote there skills, and services to the public. I love mentoring those whom I believe to be authentic. I was also the clairvoyant healer for this beautiful place. Had many clients who would come from many differing areas of our country and overseas who pursued me for insight and truth. I worked here for over five years, this was a great teacher in what I do, I learned many aspects of healing s natural nature, created a multitude of abilities. My friend who owned this place gave me free reign to expand my gifts. Which once realized becomes a power tha

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